VgBgm Standard Commercial Audio License

VGBGM Standard Commercial Music License:

This is a copy of the standard license agreement sold on Each audio item you purchase from the music library is bound by these terms. You are not permitted to use any audio hosted on in your projects you do not own a license for.

The tl;dr:

This agreement grants you a license to incorporate the purchased audio into commercial and non-commercial game, film, or other multimedia projects.

You may modify or edit the audio in whatever way suits your project, but you may not re-distribute the edits or original files.

Full version:

This license grants you, the purchaser, a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free license to incorporate the purchased audio into commercial and non-commercial projects, subject to the following terms. ‘Project’ refers primarily to games, but also any audio-visual or audio-only work that is larger and scope and different in nature from the audio.

You are only permitted to make use of the audio so long as you adhere to all the enclosed terms; and is only granted if you have legally purchased the license and materials. VgBgm is not a party to this license, which is granted by the copyright holder of the purchased materials directly to you.

You may use the audio in an unlimited number of projects. This includes advertisements, trailers, demos and promotional materials for commercial projects you have purchased individual licenses for. This extends to reviewers, “let’s players” streamers or other entertainers presenting the audio within the context of your project, even if their own channel is otherwise monetized.

You may not sell, share, sublese or transfer the audio license, with the following exceptions:
1. If you are producing a project such as a game or video on behalf of a client, you may transfer the commercial use license to that client. However, you will need to purchase an additional license to the track if you wish to use it for another client or for your own projects.
2. If you are part of a company or team, you may share the audio with other team members as necessary for the production and completion of a team project.

The original copyright holder retains the copyrights to the audio. You may not claim copyright or trademark on the materials, or register the audio on contentID systems.

You retain this license even if the item is removed from VGBGM or the copyright holder stops granting further licenses. It’s recommended you keep your own backup copies of the audio in the event this happens.

Soley for use within your project, you may edit, process, or modify the audio.
You may not redistribute the audio in whole or in part outside of your project. You may not distribute ‘soundtrack’ albums containing the audio without express permission of the copyright holder. You may not sample, remix or use the audio for others to use as stock or materials in their own projects. You may not use the audio in a way where the audio itself is the sole or primary value of the product. Though you may allow the end user of a game project to listen to the music through a soundest, “jukebox” or similar feature.

The copyright holder asserts this audio is not registered with any Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O) but you are responsible for any P.R.O.- related fees or paperwork that may be required in your country; subject to your own local laws and P.R.O rules. (For example, in USA this is generally only applicable for radio and television broadcast use)

The audio is provided AS-IS and without warranty. Neither VGBGM or the audio copyright holder will bear responsibility for any damages to the user’s computer caused by misuse of the product; nor for any disputes between third parties resulting from the creation, distribution and release of any product created with the licensed audio. By using this audio, you accept full terms and take sole responsibility for use of the product. You agree to only use the audio for lawful purposes.

This license is terminated if you breach it’s terms and do not remedy the breach. Upon termination, you must stop using the audio, creating copies or distributing the end product until the audio is removed from it.