Home Sweet Hideout Vol. 1




Contains a dozen looping music tracks designed with “home base” locations in mind, apartments, safe-houses, shelters, anywhere you’d chill between missions while upgrading your gear and conversing with your allies.

Track List

Alone On Sunday 0:40

Muscle Butler 2:08
-Miniloop A 1 0:42
-Miniloop B 0:53

Downtime in the Hideout 1:45

Isabel’s Apartment 2:24

Margarita Without Ice 1:07

Messy Little Sanctuary 0:54

Panic & Chill 1:13

Phone Call 0:42

Sweet Neon Glow 2:14

Ten PM 1:04

Unliving Room 3:12

Roughly 18 minutes of music in total not counting variants on the same track.