Modern Dungeons: BGM for Dark & Dangerous Places Vol. 1




Contains a dozen looping music tracks suitable for locations like secret laboratories, military bases, abandoned factories and all sorts of other places that you really shouldn’t be in. Ideal for video game levels in modern settings, but of course these tracks have plenty of other uses as well.

A Heart Clad in Iron 2:08
Backstage Breakdown 1:52
Clickyclack 0:38
Cozy Crypt: 2:12
Dramatical Laboratory 1:52
Hangar No.6 2:29
Heavy Heartbeats 2:17
Antique Engine 1:52
Magestic Pufferfish 1:52
Magestic Puggerfish Miniloop 0:48
Pretty Paranoia 1:52
Radio Tower 0:55
Sandbag Fortress 0:56