Retro Action Adventure Soundtrack Vol. 1



If you’re looking for some old school, “videogamey” sounding video game music that plays nice with pixel art, voxels or low poly 3d, then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for authentic period-accurate 8-bit chiptunes, then you haven’t; these tracks are more in the vein of the late 90s MIDI powered tunes you’d find on the Nintendo 64, Original Playstation and the PC games of that era.

That said, these tracks will feel right at home in any platformer, shooter, beat-em-up or adventure game.

Track List:
Fire Dojo 1:32
Temple of AncientDarkRuins 2:37
Forest Maze A 2:00
Forest Maze B 1:12
Harm Pit 2:00
Forbidden Skies 1:48
Barfight of the Gods 1:41
Ice Flow 1:36
Zen & Catnip 1:32
Airship Deck 1:18
Mystical KungFu Party 1:16
Rusted Alley 1:16
Pig Pen Throwdown 1:06
Victory Lap (intro) 0:48
Victory Lap (loop) 0:19
Select Yo Fighter 0:32
Quiet Woods (Bitcrushed) 0:21