Urban Fantasy Town & City Themes




A 12 track collection of looping pop and hip-hop music capturing the feel of bustling towns and cities in a style that is suitable for both modern and fantasy settings.

Some tracks that have ambient sounds or vocal tracks also come with variations with them removed for increased flexibility of use. Not counting these variations, the pack contains a total of 12 tracks comprising 16 minutes of music in total.

Purchases through this site are subject to the VgBgm standard commercial license.

Track List:

Cafe Da Tarde 2:00

Elvish Gangsta 1:16
Elvish Gangsta(NoVox) 1:16
A dark urban track with a very prominent celtic harp.

Little Gammorah 1:12
Little Gammorah(NoLyric) 1:12
Little Gammorah(NoVoice) 1:12

Pedestrian Life 0:48
Pedestrian Life(NoNoise)

Puzzle Town 1:55

Spin Street 0:32

Starlight Park 1:00

Suburban Sunrise 1:55
Suburban Sunrise(NoNoise) 1:55
Suburban Sunrise(NoNoiseNoLyric) 1:55

Sunny Afternoon 0:34

Take It Slow 01:07

Villiage Dance 01:49

Breaking News 1:49
Breaking News(NoVoice) 1:46